Lead Generation — Biggest Challenges and How to Manage Them

The takeaways of the lead generation surveys

  • Finding a strategy, tactic, or offer that gets the attention of potential leads — 42.1%
  • Having enough people/the right people to generate leads — 38.2%
  • Measuring and documenting lead generation success — 31.2%
  • Generating high-quality leads — 71%
  • Getting a high volume of leads — 44%
  • Creating public relations “buzz” — 36%
  • Generating high-quality leads — 43% (Very challenging) and 35% (challenging)
  • Generating a high volume of leads — 35% (Very challenging) and 36% (challenging)
  • Time or resources — 25% (Very challenging) and 42% (challenging)
  • Generating high-quality leads — 59%
  • Converting leads to customers — 42%
  • Delivering effective lead nurturing programs — 37%.
  • Lead quality — 30%
  • Getting the right processes in place — 28%
  • Tracking ROI from leads — 26%

Why is getting quality leads so challenging?

Quality lead is a business with a significant likelihood of becoming your customer

  • Up-to-date
  • Detailed
  • A perfect fit for your company and your product

That’s why targeted research is very important for lead generation.

  • Explain to your SDRs what a buyer persona
  • Teach them how to determine quality leads



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