Local Lead Generation (B2B) — Top Tips to Geo-Target Effectively

Who needs local lead generation model?

  1. In-Person. First, developing businesses generally want to start working with the enterprises within their county or state. It reduces costs, especially if they wish to set face to face appointments.
  2. Organized Expansion. Companies that are going to expand generally do so by geographical areas.
  3. Regional Process & Tracking. Many companies have regional sales managers. They track and manage all sales activity within their territory. Many want to find businesses within 50 miles away from their location. In such case, a manager can drive to a prospect on his or her car. Once again, it’s cost-reduction philosophy.
  4. Product / Service Availability. There are products or services that are customized to a third party product or service available only within a particular location (e.g., electricity provider).
  5. Swim Lanes. Many campaigns include all the US states. However, they are divided into stages based on geographical criteria. For example, they begin with California and then move to the North or the West. It makes data enrichment and outreach more personalized and more organized.

Lead generation for local business — significant features

Data enrichment

1. Difficulty

2. Data enrichment capacity

3. Type of companies

  1. Many of them don’t have a website.
  2. LinkedIn and other social networking websites don’t provide valid information.
  3. SMBs aren’t as stable as large companies: they terminate their work more frequently, and contact data also changes more often
  4. In small companies, there are fewer positions. Oftentimes, founders do the sales, marketing, and other tasks. You need to take it into account when outlining your buyer persona and searching for the accurate leads.

4. Unusual local lead generation

Local Lead Generation Business Development

Message Composition

Workflow organization






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