Sales Specialization — Can We Survive Any Longer Without It?

What is sales specialization?

Does specialization reduce cost?

Does specialization improve results?

Why do you think they don’t want to change?

Do you think that startups founders are afraid to assign sales functions?

Sales specialization at CIENCE



  • Marketing takes part in the cycle and thereby in the sales specialization fulfilling some of the critical tasks.
  • Account management and customer support also take part in this process.
  • With these two inclusions into the cycle, it’s even harder for one person to be efficient at every stage. And that’s why sales specialization is so important.

And what’s in-between?


  1. Acknowledging that the cycle is very long and the need to slice it into the portions;
  2. Dividing all the tasks into groups and determining the positions for them, as well as the requirements;
  3. Hiring the people who not only put every effort but also feel comfortable and fit to fulfill their tasks.
  4. Creating the seamless process in which a buyer moves along the sales cycle from one person to another and have the consistent experience.
  5. Managing this process.



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