What channels should be part of your next outbound campaign?

The Go-To Channel: Cold Emails

Always the stalwart, outbound emailing has become more sophisticated, smarter, and prospect-focused in recent years. Just look at how much the promotional email campaigns you get every day have changed! They know your name, they congratulate you on your birthdays and work anniversaries, they predict your desires and suggest new services or products to solve problems you’re currently trying to remedy.

The New Comer Channel: LinkedIn Lead Generation

Personalization is power. And Social Media, specifically LinkedIn for B2B, is a great source of this power. According to LinkedIn, 76% of buyers are ready to have sales conversations via Social Media. It should go without saying that DMing a sales template to a CEO won’t convert into a new meeting very often. You need to prepare the soil — warm-up the prospect before harvesting the goods from LinkedIn outreach.

The Throw-Back Channel: Cold Calls

Yes, yes, we know! This is not something new to you. But believe us, cold calling works (if done right, of course). According to Rain Group, most C-suite and VP-level buyers (57% to be precise) actually prefer to be contacted by phone.

The Get Noticed Channel: Direct Mail

Remember how excited you get when you find a Christmas postcard among the neverending mailers, bills, and notices in your mailbox? I definitely do, and your prospect does as well!

The Awareness Channel: Digital Advertising

Often considered an inbound generating channel, digital ad campaigns are often claimed too cost-heavy to justify running as an outbound strategy. Nonetheless, it’s still a very critical Go-to-Market channel for most businesses.

The Bonus Channel: Landing Pages

Usually, we wouldn’t include landing pages as a separate channel. But without it, the effect of an outbound sales campaign won’t be as strong. The benchmark conversion rate for landing pages is 2% — imagine!

How to Orchestrate Outbound Campaigns?

As marketing channels grow and sophistication increases (and buyers become numb to things that worked yesteryear), it’s not enough to have just one or two channels included in your GTM campaign. You need all six of them at the same time, working simultaneously and in tandem, i.e., orchestrated.



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